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Open source is an essential part of the development industry. At datarockets, we are fully aware of this and always strive to bring something useful to the Ruby development community. This helps us to stand out from other development companies and be listed among top Ruby Development agencies in the world.

For example, we develop different libraries that help us to maintain high-quality code in clients’ projects. We combine best practices with our vision and make these libraries public for everyone. 

This is a story of how a problem in our internal library appeared a useful contribution to the popular Ruby lib – rubocop-rspec

In the process of working with our internal Ruby style config, we faced a problem of repeated test cases.

In the course of studying the solution to the problem, we found that in rubocop-rspec there are no ready-made cops that could solve our problem and we decided to write our own cop and test it on our projects. In parallel, we opened the issue in the repository with a proposal to add this cop to the rubocop-rspec library.

The maintainers of rubocop-rspec quickly responded and agreed that it would be a pretty useful improvement, after which we started writing this cop. After weeks of work, the maintainers were pleased with the result of what we did and accepted the pull request.

Our cop brought instant results even before we completed our work! At the stage of verification on their codebases, the maintainers found flaws in their projects.

We are delighted that we were able to make a useful contribution to the developer community, and we will continue to do so.

Ula Tuychiev

Ula Tuychiev

web developer at datarockets

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