• Major challenges of IT project management and different ways to overcome

    We are living in a world where thousands of new business ideas are being created daily. Usually, brainstorming business ideas is a fun and easy part. It is a creative process when everyone is very excited. Once you have created an initial vision and shaped your idea, it is time to plan and execute it properly. However, project planning and executing is often a considerable challenge.

  • Interview with CEO – “datarockets is a hub for passionate technicians where businesses find high-quality service”

    datarockets founders, Pavel and Dmitry, worked for leading outsourcing companies in the industry before they started their own company. They observed the ecosystems that lacked transparency, were indifferent towards the success of clients’ projects, and there was a certain unwillingness to invest in the personal growth of the engineering teams. This compelled them to build a place for like-minded people where they can integrate with clients as a single team, based on a transparent development process.

    datarockets CEO interview
  • Ultimate Startup Metrics Guide

    Experienced entrepreneurs know that building successful products is not about damn luck or revolutionary ideas; it’s more about data-driven decisions and careful analysis of the market. There are plenty of books and posts written on this topic, but it still takes days of research to create some sort of a mindmap and understand startup metrics and their common use cases. 

  • Startup stages and business models

    This short post is a quick note which helps to define a startup’s business model and the general stages of its growth.

  • Wroclove.rb 2019 highlights

    Our team couldn’t miss Wroclove.rb conference in March. As usual, great community, talks, and the atmosphere. We took a lot of notes for the rest of the team but we think they are worth sharing in the blog. Look at some of our highlights.

    Dima & Roma on wroclove.rb
  • Structuring React Native app navigation

    By default, react-native doesn’t come with any navigation solution out of the box. Even though there is a recommended one —react-navigation, there are a bunch of other possible ways to answer the “How to navigate?” question.

  • Record user sessions in React Native apps with UXCam

    At datarockets, we develop mobile applications for a variety of startups and organizations. Currently, we work on one of the most interesting projects we ever had related to cryptocurrencies and its integration with banking services. One of the last tasks we have implemented was session recording and analytics in React Native application.

  • Feedback & Team Performance Metrics

    About 5 years ago I had been working for a large software development company and I was leading three other developers on one of their main initiatives. I was extremely ambitious and seeking professional growth and guidance from managers and senior engineers alike. Yet despite my efforts, my largest hurdle was that nobody was communicating ways for me to improve in my role and I wasn’t receiving feedback on my work.

    giving quality feedback
  • How to ICO. Security vs Utility Tokens

    After you decide that your product is a good use case for a blockchain and it makes sense to issue your own cryptocurrency it is time to determine the type of your token. The thing is that if your token is considered to be a security, the ICO is a subject for legal regulations (like IPO) in many countries. Therefore, security token issuance may require significant resources allocated to paperwork and lawyers.

    launch security ICO
  • How we created a transparent development process in the team

    Developments teams spend years to create an effective management and transparent development process on their projects. At the same time product owners always look for guides like “How to work with developers”. After a number of pleasant comments from our clients and realizing that communication process is our strength, we decided to share how we organize it in a blog post.

    transparent development process
  • React Native: how to split responsibilities across components

    One of the problems that comes for one project to another is creating of expandable and easy to reason about architecture. In the world of React under the word “architecture” we mean the splitting of responsibilities across special components dedicated to doing the only one thing. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to implement it.

    react native architecture
  • MVP development. The Lean Startup Way

    When you establish your own startup the important thing you need to understand as soon as possible that there is no some kind of a ready-to-use business plan you can utilize. Startups try to create innovative products and discover new markets. On one hand, it might give you some freedom due to lack of competition when you create something unique, but from another hand, you get in the atmosphere of extreme uncertainty.

    MVP app development
    MVP of my presence at the office
  • The easy way to refresh session token of Auth0 with RxSwift and Moya

    With the growth of the number of libraries for handling HTTP stuff on iOS, there are a lot of common problems which stay unresolved. One of them is refreshing of a session token.

    Refresh session token of Auth0 with RxSwift and Moya
  • How to launch ICO part 1. Do you need that?

    ICO is growing popular as a way of crowdfunding. Many of us have heard of those crazy stories about Brave ICO raising $35M in 30 seconds or Pincoin and iFan scum ICOs that raised $660M and then disappeared. Such stories make us think that ICO is an easy way to raise money. Blockchain projects attract more attention from potential investors these days just because the blockchain technology is used there.

    How to launch ICO
  • Startups that look attractive for Venture Capital investors

    This post may be useful for everyone who thinks of their own business idea as well as for beginner VC investors. The ideas that I am going to talk about are taken from a book written by Peter Thiel called “Zero to One” as well as from my personal experience.

    raise money from VC
  • Object-Oriented Views in Rails

    Views can be organized in Rails applications with many different user roles. This is the story of one refactoring.

    Object-Oriented Views in Rails
  • Android Room migration. How to migrate to Room from ORMLite

    For so long, we’ve been trying to determine which pattern is most suitable for use in Android development: MVP, MVVM, or even VIPER. But if changing the architecture of your current project in the middle of the path is a serious step you don’t want to take, you can migrate to a Room library as part of Android Architecture Components right now.

    Android Room migration from ORMLite
  • Add pattern matching in React using Daggy

    I’m going to talk about a great library called Daggy, which gives you the ability to add pattern matching to your Javascript code and transform the React render method.

    Add pattern matching in React using Daggy
  • Map markers clustering using Google Maps Utils

    During the development of one of the apps in 2016, I had to solve a pretty complex task. The app needed to demonstrate some kind of heat map from clusters with venues, which would be concretized on zoom-in or generalized on zoom-out. I decided to look for a solution that could help me do the same thing and simplify implementation because I didn’t want to go deeply into legacy-based code. Eventually, I found an interesting open-source library called Google Maps Utils to set a marker on Google Maps.

  • Simple iOS release with Fastlane tools

    While preparing your iOS app for release, you will face a bunch of tedious repetitive procedures, such as dealing with certificates, provisioning profiles, uploading translations, taking screenshots using all languages supported by the app, and so on.

    Below, in my tutorial, I’ll tell you about a tool called Fastlane which will take care of most of those tasks for you.

    fastlane tools - datarockets
  • How I arrange a React component

    In this article, I’m going to offer my vision of how a basic React component should look and how to structure your React app. If you have a different point of view, go ahead and let me know 😉

    react project structure
  • React. Quick Start

    Everyone was a newbie in some field. And there is no way to become a pro in an hour. In this article, I’m going to give you a roadmap to react quick start.

    react quick start
  • Win new users and conversions with mobile deep links

    Hi folks, I want to share with you our experience using a deep linking service called branch.io. If you have a mobile product and looking for new ways to gain users, tune conversion rate and improve UX – this article should be interesting for you.

    a mobile deep linking service
  • Failures and success of product development

    During my career as a developer, and later as a CEO of my own company, I have seen good and bad strategies, incredible marketing tricks, and decisions that killed startups. But as a service provider, we often don’t have much influence on the client’s decisions and overall product strategy. So I was dreaming of our own product for a long time.

    successful product development
    datarockets meetup
  • Typing React Components with Flow

    I’m going to describe how to use Flow in terms of React & Redux. The reason I did this is that this area is not commonly covered. I couldn’t find any best practices or really cool tutorials for using Flow in React & Redux applications. Let’s fix that!

    Flow React & Redux components
  • Easy integration Rails with AdminLTE template

    AdminLTE is a great dashboard template based on Bootstrap 3. I’ll integrate AdminLTE to Rails application using bower in this post.

    AdminLTE dashboard
    AdminLTE dashboard
  • Getting started with Kotlin for Android development

    Kotlin programming language now on everyone’s lips. Some people seriously considered it as a full-fledged replacement of Java in Android development. It is a modern, statically-typed language aimed at trying to make the code simpler and clearer for everyone and bring long-awaited Java features to Android developers. Let’s look at the history of that language, sort out the pros and cons of the language, as well as a look at an example and how you can start using Kotlin for Android development.

    start using Kotlin for Android development
  • Redux Structure: a Way To Success

    Today, I want to tell you how my point of view on components and app structure has changed since I’ve been writing on React with Redux.

    writing on React with Redux
  • Android N: New Features

    A quiet appearance of a new version of the leading operating system was unexpectable even not only for the users but for developers too. Usually, Google presents a new version of Android right before annual Google I/O conference, but this time the circumstances have been changed and now we have an opportunity to taste all the new features of Android N. I will try to describe and utilize most of Android N new features. Let’s begin.

    new features of Android N
  • Salesforce and Git: Development Process

    There is a bunch of posts about different techniques in development with Java, Ruby on Rails and other popular languages & technologies, but not for Salesforce. I don’t even mention a standard process without a version control system usage and deployments via changesets. Does anybody like to waste time clicking and adding components to change sets?