A statement of datarockets’ co-founders regarding the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • We recognize that Russia, with support of Belarus’ government, started the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 with the goal of invasion or any other but the official.
  • Our colleagues are of many different nationalities and they live in many different countries. We know our colleagues and recognize that it’s not our colleagues from Russia or Belarus who started the war.
  • We would be stretching our personal values and thoughts by a lot if we declare a peaceful position here. In this war people are dying, our colleagues and friends are suffering. We are not peaceful, we are angry! We support Ukrainians in their fight for their lives, land, and freedom.

datarockets is not a military or political company so our response is:

  1. The first and main priority is to help our colleagues, families, and friends in tough situations: we allocated budgets for relocation, emergency accommodations, financial safety and other kinds of help. Our great People team works tirelessly to organize things and make this happen.
  2. Second priority is business continuity. We aim to deliver as much value for our clients as possible in this tough time in order to have resources to help ourselves, our families, our friends, and industry. We asked datarockers to work when they can, to be conscious about colleagues that need help, be open and honest with clients, ask for help when they want to relocate to a safer space. We continue hiring and starting new projects. (All standard practices stay the same — no overtime, take timeoff when needed, be honest and open with clients, etc.)
  3. We respect the right and duty to fight for your country and your community. If our Ukrainian colleagues decide to take a military leave we’ll support them and their spouses. We’ll do our best to provide financial safety and any possible support.

Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй!

Dmitry Zhlobo,
Pavel Demeshchik,
Eugene Zhlobo,
co-founders of datarockets

March 8, 2022