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In 10 years of work, we have carefully built our team of 40 software engineers, developed 50+ custom software solutions in 14 industries, including FinTech, AdTech, SaaS, Healthcare, IoT, etc.

A cloud-based platform helping Founders digital raise capital and turn their customers into shareholders. datarockets excelled in app optimization and new features, contributing to DealMaker’s rise as a top-6 growing company in Canada by revenue growth.

Providing an alternative to the physical 3D scanner helped ZOLES significantly improve accessibility to their made-to-measure products.

Our team released an impressive UX redesign in a legacy Ruby on Rails application to make the venue search and booking easier for users. This resulted in a positive user feedback and business reputation growth.

The client contacted datarockets to help their team develop existing mobile applications that help people lead a healthy lifestyle. datarockets team worked on optimizing the codebase, fixing bugs, setting up video streaming services, implementing push notifications, on-boarding flow for new users, and other features.

More Projects

SaaS empowering Holacracy in organizations

A 6-year-long cooperation where datarockets has done loads of work in the legacy RoR application: from UX changes to complex integrations, infrastructure changes, Rails upgrades, and new features.

On-demand business coaching platform

We released an MVP of a booking platform for people who want to book a business consultation with an expert. In contained a simple time booking process, calendar integration, notifications, admin panel and a neat design.

Ad-supported Digital Signage Platform

datarockets worked with hardware devices and analytics software and automated many routine processes for the client and users, refactored the codebase, stabilized the app and eliminated downtime, and prepared it for high-load before a big client’s deal.

Human analytics platform for teams

We developed a web platform from scratch, that helps users tracks their personal daily activities and makes data tracking social with the team engaging and commenting. We implemented social feed, analytics & insights, journaling feature, team configuration, notifications and more.

Level counter for Munchkin board game

We spent just 4 weeks to release an application for Android & iOS for the Munchkin board game that helps gamers count their levels and strengths and shows simple game analytics. The app became popular for $0 spent on marketing.