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In 8 years of work, we have carefully built our team of 40 software engineers, developed 50 custom software solutions in 14 industries, including FinTech, Fitness, IoT, etc.

Showcasing 5 Projects

SaaS empowering Holacracy in organizations

We’ve been working on GlassFrog for a few years already and implemented a variety of features: from UX improvements to complex infrastructure changes which led to significant performance improvement.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Webpack, ES6, CSS Modules, React, D3, Jest, GraphQL, React Relay, Flow types, Docker, Kubernetes

Ad-supported Digital Signage Platform

The client runs an advertising company that provides hardware devices and analytics software to businesses to generate passive, recurring revenue. Our team was automating routine business processes, resolving technical issues as customer support, stabilized the application and prepared it for a high load, and improved the code base by covering it with tests.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Delayed job, Que and Sidekiq job schedulers, AWS (EC2, S3, Route53, Elasticache, ELB, OpsWorks, RDS, AutoScaling), Terraform, Raspberry Pi 3, Python, C

Fitness and health tracking applications

The client contacted datarockets to help their team develop existing mobile applications that help people lead a healthy lifestyle. datarockets team worked on optimizing the codebase, fixing bugs, setting up video streaming services, implementing push notifications, on-boarding flow for new users, and other features.

React Native, RN Navigation, RN Config, Redux, MobX, IAP, Intercom, Async Storage, Facebook SDK, Firebase, Google Fit, Apple Health, MixPanel, Appsflyer, Bitrise

Web platform & Slack app for Mental Health startup

A meditation app currently on the MVP stage focused on companies taking care of the mental health of employees and allowing them to run group meditations.

The datarockets team built a meditation platform and content management system for admins. Besides, we integrated our app with Slack that allows teams to receive messages about the upcoming session and get the unique link to the room.

Node.js, Javascript, React, SWR, Pug, Styled-Components, Nest.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL

On-demand business coaching platform

A web platform that connects startup founders and IT experts in Toronto, Canada. With this platform, you can select your startup stage, book a mentorship session, pay for it and have a conference call with your mentor.

datarockets team helped the client to run an experiment and implement an MVP solution to validate their idea. We have built the web application from scratch, implemented a booking feature and integrations with calendar, email and Google Hangouts.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, RSpec, Mandrill API, React, Bootstrap3

More Projects

Vital - Ruby application screenshot

Human analytics platform for teams

We developed a web platform from scratch, that helps users tracks their personal daily activities and makes data tracking social with the team engaging and commenting. We implemented social feed, analytics & insights, journaling feature, team configuration, notifications and more.

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