Join the datarockets family

Join the datarockets family

Starting as a small company founded by two geeks in 2014, datarockets has grown into a mature business based in Canada with an international team, rich culture, and projects we are proud of. 

We compiled all the remarkable moments of our history in just a two-minute video. 

What stayed the same? Our commitment to building a comfortable workplace for ourselves. We are a result-oriented company with a heart for people. A team as close as family. A place you would love to work at.

You'll love to be a datarocker

People first

We exercise personal approach when we work with people: we pour our hearts and souls into developing our team and we make sure our developers grow within our company, feel heard and valued.

100% remote

We fostered remote work at datarockets way before it became a casual thing in the world. In the last 5 years we mastered the skill of remote work by establishing transparent processes, proactive communication, and cultivating trust in each other.

Trustful environment​

We don’t micromanage at datarockets. Our teammates are devoted and competent professionals who can and do deliver on time without excessive supervision. We use Holacracy to distribute roles between people. They have real ownership over their works and are guided by purpose.

Promising projects

Our clients share our values and standards: responsibility, fair profit, high performance. We don’t just take a project to write code and earn money – we love seeing our client’s success, so we bring our ideas to the table and help our client profit.

Our personal goal is to gather a cohesive team that will turn the company into an intellectual hub, which will result in both money and pleasure.

Read our Codex --> datarockets' core values

Typical datarockers are...

Respectful of their work

…and it’s in their nature

Caring about code quality

and making it Readable, Maintainable, Scalable, and Secure.

Looking for opportunities

to improve and offer solutions instead of complaining about issues.

Supporting the community

and contributing to opensource

Attentive to client’s needs

and suggesting the best possible solutions in any given situation

Enjoying family-like atmosphere

…spread across 13 different countries though it feels like we all work in one room

Bi-weekly team calls

and random coffee breaks to simply chat with each other, share our joys and sorrows, and build stronger personal connections with each other.

Fun Slack channels

to share our new haircuts, culinary delights, photos of pets, or just memes.

Online parties and offline retreats

to bring everyone closer.

Caring about their career growth

…and we help them do this 😉

Thoughtful onboarding

We know that first months can be challenging and we support you along your way.

1-on-1 calls with mentors

A safe space to share your thoughts and feelings with your mentor.

360 career review every year

An effective practice to receive feedback from teammates, reflect on your progress and acknowledge your interests.

Career tree for developers

We created a unique graph that helps developers follow their growth plans.

What datarockers are saying

Louder than any texts!
Check out the video of our teammates sharing why they love working at datarockets

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Meet our Hiring team!​

Our hiring team gets enthusiastic when meering remarkable candidates every day. There is always a match between the company and every person we hire. As we love to repeat, there are no random people at datarockets.

Daria Shandrina photo
Daria Shandrina

Human Resources

I bring new datarockers to the team

Andrew Tatarenko photo
Andrew Tatarenko

VP of Engineering

I care about developers’ career growth

Maryia Ilusina photo
Mariya Ilusina

Human resources

I care about people well-being

From candidate to colleague: the hiring steps

We strive to deliver a great employer experience which starts from hiring. We recruit the best talents for each position taking into account their professional skills, aspirations, and personal interests.

Hiring Process datarocketa diagram

Join us!

And enjoy your career journey

As true developers, we keep all our vacancies on Github. Check out our vacancies and interview process description there.

At datarockets, we’re happy to work with junior and intern developers and help them grow. Please check Apprenticeship to find more details and see how you can work with us if you are at the beginning of your career path.

Check out our Github jobs page or apply right here!

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