datarockets is a team of 17 developers. We create applications on RubyJavaScript, React NativeJava, Swift, and more. Automate companies business processes with the help of web-based applications.

We will be helpful when you need to build

  • CRM– or ERP–system with a unique order processing mode,
  • e-commerce with recommendations,
  • admin panel and API for mobile app,
  • integration with Salesforce and other services,
  • unique startup.

We support the launched projects, fix bugs and monitor servers availability.

Dmitry and Pavel, having worked in development, founded the company in June 2014. During the last year we have created and, integrated with Salesforce, improved, supported and developed and

Before starting the project we ask clients how they expect to return investments put in the project. We offer to do the main things first and often convince our clients to launch an app without some piece of functionality but as soon as possible.

Clients see current, on-coming and completed tasks.

We easily enlarge project team and transfer projects to other developers: we use modern tools to write a code understandable to people. Robots check code complicity and readability. Special service shows how much time it takes to a user to open the page. Developers are automatically aware about error pages that customer faces before he writes to the support.

We share our knowledge with each other during weekly meetups in our office. Post videos with talks on YouTube, photos on Facebook, short notes in Twitter.

We will make project estimation in one day and for free. Contact us.