React.js. Quick Start

Everyone was a newbie in some field. And there is no way to become a pro in an hour.

The most important and, unfortunately, the hardest part is deciding which order you should learn in, and separating good resources from bad ones. I had this challenge. There wasn’t lighthouse to show me the way, so it was the way of trial and error to find what I should focus on and what I should ignore.

In this article, I’m going to give you a roadmap.


Win new users and conversions with deep links

Deep links - are not common UX practice in mobile apps development. In the majority of mobile applications you can’t use a shortcut to open a particular screen or automatically perform some action, unfortunately. Let’s see how it works on an example.

2 weeks of work — 40 000 users, 4.4 stars on Google Play, 0$ spent on marketing

At datarockets, we have developed many cool products for our awesome clients and partners: CRM systems, news portals, ERP systems, CPA networks, mobile apps for nightclubs, and unique products for startups that are going to change the world.
During my career as a developer, and later as a CEO of my own company, I have seen good and bad strategies, incredible marketing tricks, and decisions that killed startups. But as a service provider, we often don’t have much influence on the client’s decisions and overall product strategy. So I was dreaming of our own product for a long time.

Typing React Components

I'm going to describe how to use Flow in terms of React & Redux. The reason I did this is because this area is not commonly covered. I couldn’t find any best practices or really cool tutorials for using Flow in React & Redux applications. Let’s fix that!

Easy integration Rails with AdminLTE template

AdminLTE is a great dashboard template based on Bootstrap 3. I’ll integrate this template to Rails application using bower in this post.

Getting started with Kotlin in Android development

Kotlin programming language now on everyone's lips. Some people seriously considered it as a full-fledged replacement of Java in Android development. It is a modern, statically-typed language aimed at trying to make the code simpler and clearer for everyone and bring long-awaited Java features to Android developers. Let's look at the history of that language, sort out the pros and cons of the language, as well as a look at an example and how you can start using Kotlin in current projects.

Redux Structure: a Way To Success

Is Redux just hype? Just imagine we have a fantastic UI constructor in our hands. What should we do? Just play with it or create something powerful and great?

Android N: New Features

A quiet appearance of a new version of the leading operating system was unexpectable even not only for the users, but for developers too. Usually Google presents a new version of Android right before annual Google I/O conference, but this time the circumstances has been changed and now we have an opportunity to taste all the new features of Android N. I will try to describe and utilize most of them. Let’s begin.

Android N: New Features
Advanced Salesforce development process

There are 2 reasons of why it is so hard to find any usefull posts about development processes with Salesforce: 1) Salesforce - is a cloud based platform; 2) it is so few really strong development teams in this area and so few open source libraries and frameworks.

Let’s see how we can set up a good Salesforce development process with Git, Continious Integration and comfortable deployment.

Interview with SourceSeek

A year ago I had an interesting conversation with Dave Hecker from SourceSeek about modern technologies in web development and finally he has published some parts of it. We discussed a lot of things such as why Ruby on Rails is so popular and that are the alternatives. I have described some great advantages of Ruby and pointed out that every project needs to be investigated before its technology stack chosen. Also we had a funny talk about technologies for hipsters and Node.js.

21 Things We Have Learned About Business Since the Founding of the Company

We started our business in 2014. Our company has been working for 1.5 years in the IT industry, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes. To prevent mistakes in the future, we’ve collected our experiences into notes.