Sprinkle of pattern matching in React

I’m going to talk about a great library called Daggy, which gives you the ability to add pattern matching to your JS code and transform the React render method. Have a nice read! 

Map markers clustering using Google Maps Utils

During the development of one of the apps in 2016, I had to solve a pretty complex task. The app needed to demonstrate some kind of heat map from clusters with venues, which would be concretized on zoom-in or generalized on zoom-out. I decided to look for a solution that could help me do the same thing and simplify implementation because I didn’t want to go deeply into legacy-based code. Eventually, I found an interesting open-source library called Google Maps Utils.


Simple iOS release with fastlane

While preparing your iOS app for release, you will be faced with a bunch of tedious repetitive procedures, such as dealing with certificates, provisioning profiles, uploading translations, taking screenshots using all languages supported by the app, and so on.

Below, I’ll tell you about a tool called Fastlane which will take care of most of those tasks for you.

How I arrange a React component

The fact that React is a library brings a freedom to make everything we want and use any approach that we have in our mind. It sounds good because it is, but this liberation of development using React brings our application to the core of chaos: every team uses different concepts and arrangements. And, it touches not just a project folder structure but the arrangement of components as well.

I’m going to offer my vision of how a basic component should look. 


React.js. Quick Start

Everyone was a newbie in some field. And there is no way to become a pro in an hour.

The most important and, unfortunately, the hardest part is deciding which order you should learn in, and separating good resources from bad ones. I had this challenge. There wasn’t lighthouse to show me the way, so it was the way of trial and error to find what I should focus on and what I should ignore.

In this article, I’m going to give you a roadmap.