Startups that look attractive for Venture Capital investors
This post may be useful for everyone who thinks of their own business idea as well as for beginner VC investors. The ideas that I am going to talk about are taken from a book of Peter Thiel called “Zero to One” as well as from my personal experience. 
Object-Oriented Views in Rails

This blog post is the story of one refactoring. We were building a CRM app responsible for collecting orders from e-commerce sites across the internet. An order can be in 8 different states for "new"  to "delivered". We had 5 different roles such as "call operator" and "shipping manager". Imagine that the admin should see the full history of order state changes but the call operator should only see a log of calls. We had to display orders to each user role differently. We tried different solutions and one day we discovered cells: a library for views for Rails.