Digitizing an in-person measurement taking and ordering experience for remote orders with an app

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“We are all unique so why should we use standard footwear?”

Founded in 2017, ZOLES introduced custom made-to-measure orthopedic insoles for better performance and injury prevention using cutting-edge 3D scanning and printing technology. The insoles are hyper-personalized and tailored to individual measurements, shoe brands, purpose of shoe and specific requirements. ZOLES prides itself on precision, as even a difference of one millimeter can affect comfort and alleviate foot-related problems. Their customers have to travel and visit one of their many in-person 3D scanning facilities at various sports and physiotherapy clinics to have their feet scanned and place an order.

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Recently they decided to create a mobile app for their users to accurately scan their feet and order from the comfort of their homes.


Zoles needed a partner capable of building an application that translated their innovative business strategy of making made-to-measure ordering accessible from customers’ homes and featured a user experience optimized for precision (down to the last millimeter). Upon starting the project, we identified accuracy as a critical aspect for Zoles’ custom insoles and placed it at the forefront of all design and development work. 

The measurements inform the insole strength and bounce to achieve the right biodynamics.


Impressed with our work in the mobile web development space, Zoles recruited Datarockets to build an MVP application. Datarockets’ mission to develop products that shape the future and cross-functional team with mobile web expertise made us the perfect partner.

After collaborating with ZOLES to assess product needs and outline features, we set out to build a solution that would guide ZOLES’ customers in generating 3D models and measurements of their feet using their phone and place an order.

Our engineering team also confirmed feasibility with Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, the company that provides ZOLES with their physical 3D scanners.

The team carried out extensive research on the technology and use cases to fully understand the constraints. From there they  were able to create a solution using Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia’s API.

Datarockets’ engineering team had the necessary expertise to build out the new app using that API. They conducted thorough research into the implementation within the guidelines provided by Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia and successfully integrated their findings into the app, while advocating for usability every step of the way (for instance an intuitive visual gyroscope was added to the UI to help users take photos at the required angles to generate the 3D model and measurements).

Our engineers also tested the software functionalities extensively to ensure the inputs produced the appropriate output end-to-end at the level of precision required.

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How the Business Benefitted

In the new app, customers can complete the following directly from their phone:

  • Capture images of their feet from the required angles to generate precise models and measurements of their feet
  • Place an order 
  • Access customer support
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New ZOLES customers will now be able to order made-to-measure insoles using their smartphones. Providing an alternative to the physical 3D scanner helped ZOLES significantly improve accessibility to their custom products.

ZOLES was able to secure additional government funding after releasing the prototype and invited for a segment by their local Danish TV station.

Tech stack

  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • AWS Lambda
  • IBV: 3DAvatarFeet API

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