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Free consulting & project estimation

Let’s discuss your project and we promise to provide the estimates in 24h!

Security audit & code review

We are ready to review your application code and provide recommendations of how to make your application more secure, fast and easy to extend.

Web & mobile application development

We write smart web applications using modern tools and methodologies
  • we make our work visible for clients
  • every line of code passes code review
  • > 80% of our code is covered by unit tests
  • we write clean code and use automatic tools to check that

Application support

We have established application support process. We do:
  • answer your questions via phone, slack, skype
  • monitor servers & application health
  • fix bugs and optimize your application performance
  • send monthly reports about discovered issues

Technologies we use

Why datarockets

High-quality code

  • every line of code passes code review
  • > 80% of our code is covered by unit tests
  • we use automatic tools to check our code quality

Transparent processes

  • you can track development progress in real time with Trello boards, example
  • you can view all the changes at staging environments before they go live

We are experts and share our knowledge

  • we write technical and business posts in our blog
  • we post videos from our weekly meetups on our Youtube channel
  • we post short notes on Twitter

Some of our clients:

What clients say about us

datarockets have proven to be an outstanding resource when it comes to advanced Salesforce needs. They are very knowledgeable with Salesforce's API (which they used to integrate our SaaS product with Salesforce) and Apex programming language. Working with the team has been great since they are very organized and manage everything through Trello. Even though we're in a very different time zone (EST vs UTC+3) this has never been an issue and the projects have flowed very smoothly. I strongly recommend datarockets for any Salesforce customizations.

Alejandro d17e2840561d3637f1fb5d94c2488c218682791a7d4288b421890baf2e69f36a

Alejandro Perez

Komet Sales


datarockets provides me a team of young talented professionals. I was impressed by their result-driven development process, punctuality, ability to listen to their customers and stand behind his work. I totally recommend them.

Artyom kontsevoi 32fd8e776b28f9fc93f0272158054c2b313c6db84c2285a627a299b4eeba08e9

Artyom Kontsevoi



We were looking for high-quality front end development services and guys from datarockets covered all of our requirements. Sometimes we have urgent requests and datarockets team operatively reacts and allocates additional resources. We are satisfied with the results and have already recommended datarockets to our business contacts.

Oleg petruchik e697dc387db1d8727f394552648c600f3460bb7d3e14ebb195ade921404557ca

Oleg Petruchik



I enjoyed the collaboration with datarockets. Our task wasn't about creating another landing page. We were rebranding our online magazine kyky.org by implementing new creative formats that didn't exist before. The guys have flexible and vivid minds allowing them to embody ideas of any level of complexity. I can genuinely recommend datarockets to everyone who needs bright software engineering solutions.

Kyky daria 66a4d20615c96b44a9ec39183dbc97b71980a70222fc211584743876bb11d732

Daria Minsky


Media Entrepreneur

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